Blindfold training is the technique of midbrain activation courses. It is the advanced training method world that can illuminate the blind world. This program has been designed especially for the children of the age more than 5. This technique explores the hidden potential of the brain and lead to brain’s self development.

What is blindfold technique?

It is the technique in which individual is trained to be blindfolded and to use the brain wave to wipe the objects like to touch, smell or hearing to tell about the details of things. Once the midbrain has been activated the child can do reading, writing, play chess or video games and even ride bicycle.

When the blindfolded activity get started then the brain potential becomes hard to imagine. With the on-going blindfolded self-training children get exposure of various capacities that get improved with the training especially the memory and absorptive capacity. With this training they can get fast memory, high speed absorption effects in the learning skills as the immediate effects.

How blindfolded technique can illuminate the blind world?

It is the self training method to make metal instinct and to create the balance between the left and right brain development and to make the mid brain work at the optimized level.

Daily practice of this technique and effective training can children can get great memory, learning ability and confidence for the self improvement. This technique can enhance the reading, writing and even other senses of the child to make them observe and use the things blindfolded.

If the sighted students can be trained to do the activities blindfolded then even can be the blind students can also be trained for the same which is beneficial to illuminate their world.

Even with this technique blind students can be trained for reading, writing, observing the shapes of things and smelling them to tell their nature. This training program enhance the mental ability, imagination power of brain, and ability to observe the things absorption power and ability to keep the things in memory for longer time that can make the world without blindness.

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