What is DMIT & Benefits of DMIT



DMIT or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a scientific study associated with fingerprint and brain lobes. It helps understanding unique inborn potential and personality. This test process or DMIT test is based on understanding from neuroscience, genetics, dermatoglyphics, psychology and Embryology. Not to mention the test assessment method that has been formulated by medical experts and scientists. This multiple intelligence test has accepted by entire world; while renowned universities have adopted the ways and methods of teaching and learning through this way.

According to experts, finger prints are ideal sources to provide accurate analysis of humans multiple intelligence and inborn potential. However, only IQ test is taken into use to be a measurement tool for degree of intelligence. DMIT is also gaining momentum in the field of School College and educational institutions. You can see its use at large base in career guidance, career counseling, human resource management, children memory enhancement programs and similar other programs.

DMIT test technique is the best way of knowing your strength and weakness that is based on dermatoglyphics and brain analysis

Benefit of DMIT

DMIT test is ideal for your children to:

  • Know their inborn talents andnatrual character
  • Identify children’s innate abilities
  • Understand best learning style for your child
  • Customize the learning programs that are based on the learning style
  • It helps in saving a good amount of money on tuitions and other efforts
  • It helps in making a good and friendly relationship between parents and teachers and students too.

There are a number of added benefits of this test process. MidBrainAcademy has been offering you an option of DMIT Test and providing you precise information about it.

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