Midbrain Activation to Smarten the Future Generations



Midbrain Activation is not a new technique, though it may sound new to many people out there. The technique was originally used in China, Korea, and Japan before it spread to the western countries. Midbrain Activation is now conquering in the parts of South Asia, India and so on and this is due to the benefits that are acquired from the programme.

What is Midbrain Activation?

First and foremost the programme mainly focuses on the brain of a person. Midbrain activation is common for children, but also adults can gain from the programme. Midbrain activation is a programme that is used to activate the middle brain of a person in order to attain maximum productivity. The midbrain lies between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain and it is a part that is used to bring about proper auditory, visual and motor system activities.

The brains of children are quick to learn and can perceive quickly than the old and this is why midbrain activation is recommended at this time. The world is full of competition and most times requires one to take up risks and have a sharper brain to attain the best achievements in life. Midbrain activation in India has been used since it contains various techniques and approaches that can improve the person’s brain capabilities

Techniques of Midbrain Activation

  • Mnemonics

This technique is aimed at improving the mental skills and potential of the brain. Music and reading are some of the activities performed in this technique to help students remember what they read or lay eyes on.

  • Vedic Mathematics

This is one of the oldest counting methods that were used to solve problems. This activity teaches the learners to solve mathematical problems, however big they may be using their brains

  • Quantum Speed Reading

It is where a child or an adult reads a book without looking at the text. In this, one can read with just mere flipping of the pages and will recall what he read after the procedure

  • Meditation

It is one of the common techniques used to activate the brain. With midbrain activation, it is aimed at achieving concentration of the brain by creating a peaceful atmosphere around a person

  • Abacus and Mental Arithmetic

This technique deals more with mathematics lessons to sharpen the brain in order to become competitive

  • Games and physical exercises

Different games and activities like dancing are good for activating the brain and improving memory

  • Handwriting lessons

Most of the children fail in class because their handwritings are unreadable and strain one’s eyes to get what the writer means

The reasons as to why midbrain activation is important for your children

Better memory capacity: A child will be able to recall what he reads or does in life in the future

Stimulating the hormones in the body for a better life: The body contains hormones that when stimulated brings about better function of the brains and the body at large. This helps in emotional stability and balance to keep the brain healthy and more active

Increase their concentration in classes: Some children find it hard to pay attention in class due to their past experiences or mental problems. Midbrain activation helps them become happy and release the stress in them

Achieve maximum productivity: At times, children have a lot of potential that lies dormant due to the fact that they are not activated or stimulated in the right way. Midbrain activation helps to achieve the best from them

Better skills, for example, reading while blindfolded, thinking fast and generating big ideas in life

To help children become more innovative and competitive, so that he or she operates beyond his or anyone’s imaginations.

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