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Blindfold Activation Benefits

During the blindfold activation, a child learns how to enter the condition of meditative in order to be able to ”see” with eyes closed. The term “genius” here doesn’t mean someone with IQ above 130, rather, it’s the condition that if we are able to decrease the brain wave down to alpha-theta, our brain will function optimally. When the brain functions optimally, all human senses will be in their top performances including the capability of intuition, so that a child is able to do activities with his/her eyes closed.

Do you know that, if your brain is able to be trained to enter this condition, you will even be able to do speed reading (reading a book, 1 page in 1 second), even more: with the book positioned upside down! So, the capability of blindfold, speed reading, faster memorization, better concentration can be achieved if our brain successfully enters the genius condition (alpha-theta waves).

Archimedes himself invented a physical theory while he was relaxing himself, that is, when he immersed his body into the bath tub, where then the “AHA Phenomenon” rose automatically. Even Einstein normally played a violin first to let his brain relax and thus able to invent new inventions in the field of Physics. So, it’s clear now, relaxed condition will take our brain toward alpha-theta waves where our brain’s performance will be very maximum. This is what we called entering a genius condition.

Only few talented people can easily condition their brains to enter genius condition and they are normally successful in their lives. Whereas we (adult people) without those talent, must practice it through relaxation music or meditation. That’s why blindfold activation is only appropriate for children, because adult people feel very hard to enter the genius condition (alpha-theta waves).

What makes a child have blindfold ability is the active intuition. What is intuition? Intuition is the man’s capability to obtain perception regarding all matters instantly/real timely or the capability to think without thinking”. The latest book which discusses intuition is BLINK, written by Malcolm Gladwell.

Another definition for intuition provided in site is: Intuition is a combination of historical (empirical) data, deep and heightened observation and an ability to cut through the thickness of surface reality. Intuition is like a slow motion machine that captures data instantaneously and hits you like a ton of bricks. Intuition is a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding — a gut feeling. “Intuition is not pseudo-science. – Abella Arthur”

How can blindfold activation make a child “see” with eyes closed? How does it work? For instance, a child is detecting an object, i.e., he is reading a newspaper headline. With his eyes closed, the child must concentrate peacefully, so that he can guess accurately. Since it’s impossible to see something with eyes closed, the brain wave will ”contact” the intuition existing in the right brain. When the intuition becomes active, the object will be detected with various sensation (sight, smelling, hearing, sensing etc.), and then the left brain responds it by reading the text on the newspaper.

The world’s successful people such as Warren Buffet and George Soros, both playing in full risk businesses such as shares, and foreign exchange also admitted that intuition plays very important roles in decision making and not just relying it to mathematical analysis (technical) and fundamental, meaning that the left brain (analytical) and the right brain (intuition) run in balance.

Albert Einstein, a scientist who also used to enforce his intuition, once said, "I didn’t find my understanding on universal law only throguh analytical thoughts. The only invaluable thing is intuition.” Akio Morita from Sony, Howard Shcultz from Starbuck and Sir Richard Bronson from Virginia Airline underline the importance of intuition in creating new products, a business innovation not only producing significant prosperity but also help other millions of human being. Blindfold capability can be one of the solutions for those whose normal sight got disturbed such as blind. They will soon ”see” through another way, which is intuition.

To those who are not blind, the capability for doing activities with eyes closed will sharpen their intuition.

A man with sharp intuition tends to be able to make a decision quickly without thinking. For example, choosing the right business partner, choosing the right mate, select one of several option of decisions.

Active intuition can also make a man know whether somebody in front of him/her is a good or bad guy, be able to read profitable business opportunity, to calculate / memorize faster, to make a decision in a high risk market (shares/foreign exchange), to realize any hazard/disaster threatening, and so on. So, intuition is useful in all sectors of human lives.