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Q. How old should my child be for Course?

A. The Course works best on 6-14 year olds.

Q. What should I do during the practice sessions?

A. If your child cannot see when blindfolded, then start with the simplest of colours. If they can see very clearly after being blindfolded, then allow them to try to read a book, write, draw etc. After training, children should be able to see objects that are even farther away. For further stabilisation, you can practice with your child in a dark room. You will eventually not need a blindfold to practice; just train a child to shut his or her eyes

Q. Why are the children do anything blindfolded?

A. During the execution of the Course, very initial focus is to enhance a child's concentration by disabling the sense of visualization. Blindfolding also helps to sharpen all the five senses.

Q. If my child cannot "see" after being blindfolded, does that mean the course has failed?

A. Despite few students are unable to do blindfold activity. But still course also enhances the memory, concentration and intellectual level of a child. But only daily practice of few minutes is necessary.

Q. If the child is already good in academics, will the Courses still be useful for them?

A. Investigative exploration has demonstrated that even an individual as shrewd as Albert Einstein does not utilize more than 10% of his or her mind.The Course is designed in such a way that it transforms the average learners to good learners and make the common child to be an outstanding kids. This course not just centers at expanding the IQ of kids, additionally enhances the EQ.

Q. Do students need to practice the blindfold for the whole of their lives?

A. After the completion of the Course, blindfold is key to build an understudy's focus. But gradually after some time the students' abilities improve, they can only close their eyes & imagine everything which improves their concentration and other mental abilities dramatically. Blindfold practice is for the most part needed for the initial couple of months after the Course.

Q. Does the Course have any theoretical foundation?

A. Yes of course many scientific researchers are made & which support it.

Q. After the Workshop why is my child’s performance is often unstable when blindfolded?

A. As we always say that practice is required to improve the performance. It will be improved drastically with the daily practice.

Q. How do a few students identify the colour and number on cards held behind their heads?

A. Some students can do this but most of the students needs practice to reach up to that level. As we probably am aware as a general rule they can't see blindfolded however can just feel the hues. This is on the grounds that their mind works like any radar which is sending signs to the cerebrum.

Q. What should I do if I have no time to practice?

A. We utilize the wasteful time of the student like instead of watching TV they watch CD & practice blindfolded.

Q. Are there any medical side-effects to this Course?

A. There is not at all the disadvantage rather it can be advantageous only. After the course the memory power & function of left & right brain improves a lot.

Q. Is it true that some blindfolded students can easily see through the gap near their nose?

A. As we are using blind fold just solely to prevent them from using their eyes. So, if the students peep through the gap than the tapping can be done under the eyes.

Q. How do you know there are no side-effects to your Course?

A. As Japan has been leading comparative right-mind health Courses for over 50 years. This has profited a great many understudies who have gone to comparable Courses subsequent to 2005. Right mind health has made them more satisfied and more quick witted.

Q. How my Child is improved in his studies after the course?

A. As indicated by the Japanese scientists, the memory builds one million times after the cerebrum initiation. Hypothetically, an individual ought to show change in studies due to the increment in memory and tangible abilities.

Q. Why are parents not allowed to enter the classroom?

A. Firstly, the understudies are occupied in the vicinity of the folks. Besides, we need to save the copyright and to secure the licensed innovation.

Q. After the midbrain activation, a student can see in the dark. Is it true?

A. Yes, it is conceivable to peruse daily paper oblivious. Fish can see oblivious. They see by utilizing the brainwaves in light of the fact that their midbrain is dynamic.

Q. I never hurt him, but he still refuse to practice!

A. Sometimes rewards are helpful. Some children need to do things in a group. The parents can easily motivate the child to practice.

Q. What to do during the practices?

A. On the off chance that your child says he/she is not ready to picture, then attempt him to touch, smell or listen to sense the hues on the cheat sheets. If the child is able to get right answers, then motivate himto read, draw, coloring etc.

Q. What parents should not do?

A. Most folks are exceptionally limit and uproarious. They effectively hurt by blaming their kid for bamboozling. In the event that folks are suspicious, they have to settle their uncertainty as opposed to denouncing him/her. Just gently put tapping under their eyes instead of accusing them.

Q. Is this the "third eye" as commonly referred to?

A. No. The ability to detect things by using the brain is bit different from the third eye. Indeed, after the cerebrum enactment, an understudy can have "skin vision." That implies he/she can read by touching with the hands or foot. On the off chance that an individual is "listening to predominant" he will come to knows the shading and number of a card by putting it close to the ear. On the off chance that an individual is "smell prevailing" he can identify the numbers and hues by noticing.

Q. Where is the midbrain, what is the medical name for it?

A. The midbrain is situated over the mind stem, at the focal point of the cerebrum. The medical name for midbrain is MESEN CEPHLON.

Q. How to start practicing?

A. To begin with have an unwinding situation & begin by profound relaxing for 10 times on the grounds that the mind needs a great deal of oxygen.

Q. Tell me, how do you activate the midbrain?

A. We have a system that is unique and original, invented by the research team after years of research. Games, songs, music and sounds are part of the whole system. There are neither religious nor profound exercises amid the actuation - absolutely regular and investigative. No drug is utilized. The class is loaded with fun and satisfaction.